Future of ergonomics telehealth and occupational well-being

Written by Angela Lau

The pandemic has drawn an unprecedented amount of attention to telehealth. Our society relies on innovations and emerging technology to create efficient, affordable, and accessible health-related solutions for the US workforce. Based on the latest McKinsey’s Future of Wellness Survey & Research (2021), the future of the wellness market is a 1.5 trillion market since everyone embraces telehealth like never before. “Better Health,” which extends beyond medicine and supplements to include remote health-related services,  consistently appears as the most crucial wellness dimension in this wellness market. In addition, preventive care becomes a significant catalyst for healthcare changes in the US, reducing healthcare costs and improving outcomes. 

SwiftMotion is on a mission to recreate, re-commit, re-innovate ergonomic healthcare (both office and industrial) in the US using cutting-edge technology. We know telehealth is becoming mainstream in the pandemic era, and it is here to stay. More and more people are interested in using telehealth for non-acute and preventive care moving forward. We are creating tools to help people to achieve better posture wellbeing at work, whether they are performing a desk job or an industrial job. 

Ergonomics telehealth alone is not enough to provide a user-first experience in the long run. Any ergonomists working with us can proactively keep their clients healthy and reduce injuries with the posture software they need to compile an assessment quickly. Such proactive preventive care helps reduce expensive long-term rehabilitation care for the users. 

SwiftMotion team is working diligently to build a digital platform for occupational risk prevention. We aim to transform our workforce, the ergonomist community, and the occupational therapy community from reactive to proactive, treatment to prevention, and from surviving to thriving. If you are an employer, an organization, or a professional ergonomist, contact us to see how we can help you create preventive care initiatives for your team.

Email: info@swiftmotion.io

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