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The all-in-one software for ergonomic assessments

VIZE-ERGO is the best risk assessment solution for office-based and work-from-home employees

Optimize Work Setup in under 5 minutes

Start working in a perfect setting with VIZE-ERGO

Our VIZE platform provides an easy-to-use software to perform ergonomic assessments.

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machine learning at its finest

Ergonomic assessment has never felt easier

Measure eye-level, monitor-level and other key distances using our advanced AI-powered mobile app

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How we deliver results

VIZE-ERGO is tailored towards both office-based workers as well as remote employees working from their homes.


Accurate measurement of risk, joint angles, and distances for work station setup

Objective Analysis

No subjective analysis or lengthy survey questions


Be able to choose the levels of data access and privacy best suits you and your company's needs.

Instant Visibility

VIZE portal can be accessed from anywhere around the world for large office or remote work surveillance

Customized Insights

Create customized reports for employees, ergonomist professionals, and managers

Available for iOS and Android

With our companion app, be able to assess an employee's environment remotely.

Elevate your work setup with an easy-to-use assessment software

Get started today with quantitative assessments to improve your workflow